Xanycki’s NSFW Commissions

If you'd like to see my portfolio before commissioning me, click here!

Terms of service

By commissioning me you agree to my terms of service, please read it if you’re interested in a commission!NSFW prices are doubled from my normal commissions! Here is my commissions sheet!

  • I only take payment through Paypal, fully upfront. Partial refund will be given if the commission is cancelled by the commissioner. The refund itself will depend on the amount of time already put into the commission. (If no work has been done yet, a full refund will be made)

  • The commissioner cannot use any art of mine for commercial purposes or edit the art without my permission. The commissioner can post my art freely, but please credit me!

  • I have every right to refuse a commission! Please be nice <3

  • I may charge extra to sudden big changes to the comm as I am making it.

I'm okay with drawing... Blood, gore, nudity (obviously, this is an NSFW carrd), sexual stuff, etc.I will NOT draw... complex machinery, any art directing hate toward a person or group of people, minor characters in any sexual nature. If there is anything else I am uncomfortable with in the commission process I will let you know!